LEH-LADAKH (India) 4-17 JULY 2014



This programme is exclusively reserved for those who are participating in the

STUPA Onlus Convention

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet will confer the great Kalachakra Initiation at Leh, in Ladakh, which will be preceded by several days of teachings. This event provides us with the ideal opportunity, once it has ended,to meet for the 3rd International Convention of STUPA Builders.

In order to enable the participation of all STUPA Builders we have prepared a programme, reserved for the people attending the 3rd International Convention, that will make the stay in Ladakh as straightforward and comfortable as possible. We have chosen and reserved an entire HOTEL situated on the banks of the Indus River. The Nature Residency Hotel is just a short walk away from where His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama will carry out his teachings and initiation. The choice of hotel is very important as it is necessary to be close to, and indeed within walking distance of, the location for the teachings as the very large number of people attending will make it uncomfortable and difficult to travel from the town of Leh as there is only one road, which becomes jammed very But above all, sharing in the ceremony of passing on the Kalachakra will allow us to lay the groundwork for a highly successful meeting. We have decided to offer the visit at a price that is close to the actual cost for those attending the 3rd International Convention. Any sums remaining will be donated to the STUPA restoration programmes. Additionally, members of the STUPA Onlus Board of Directors will pay their respective participation fees.



Prepared according to the official event timetable;

in the event of any changes the programme will be adjusted accordingly.
Day 1 Friday 4th July, outward journey to Delhi: Upon arrival we will take internal flights for Leh. If necessary, depending on flight times and other variables, it will be possible to arrange to be met at the airport, book hotels or arrange other services. For transfers, the Ashok Country Resort, which is close to Delhi Airport, is generally used.

Day 2 5th July Delhi-Leh: The flight for Leh leaves very early in the morning, usually around 5:30am (time to be confirmed); there are incredible views of the Indian Himalayas from the plane. On arrival you will be greeted at the airport and taken to the Nature Residency Hotel, situated on the banks of the Indus River, just a short distance from the location of the teachings and from the residence of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama; here you can rest up in order to acclimatise.

Day 3 6th -8th July: Preparation and preliminary teachings: During these days His Holiness will carry out the preparatory phases for the initiation and start public teachings in which everyone will participate.

Day 6 9th July: Preparation and ritual dances (excursion to Shey and Thikse): As part of the day’s activities there will be an excursion in the morning or afternoon to Thikse and to visit Shey, with its castle ruins and temple, where a major restoration programme was carried out by a STUPA with the guidance of the Abbot of Thikse. The Gelugpa Monastery in Thikse is one of the most famous and active monasteries today, and one of the pearls of Ladakh: rich in temples, it contains many important works of art and an impressive statue of Yamantaka, who is omnipresent in Gonkhang. The great statue of Maitreya positioned on to right of the entrance to the temple, though only recently created, has become one of the most famous symbols of Ladakh.

Day 7 10th -13th July: Kalachakra Initiation

Day 11 14th July: Long-life ceremonies The long-life ceremonies finish in the morning; there will be free time afterwards.

Day 12 15th -16th July: Start of the 3rd International Convention of STUPA Builders The meeting will be held at The Nature Residency Hotel where you will be staying. You will have access to a meeting room. This will take place over two full days, as per the provisional programme.

Day 14 17th July: Delhi and the return flight The plane to Delhi will take off at around 7:30am (time to be confirmed), from where you will proceed to your final destination. If necessary, depending on flight times and other variables, it will be possible to arrange to be met at the airport, book hotels in Delhi or arrange other services. Possible extension to the trip from 17 to 26 July 2014 in Rupshu, Lahaul, Spiti, Kinnaur. For those who are interested, it is possible to return to Delhi overland. The journey crosses the Himalayas, and is organised by Amitaba, the Tour Operator that takes care of all the details of our trip, at a special price of €1,000; those who are interested can ask Amitaba for the programme. These are the stages: 17/07 Leh – Tso Kar – Sarchu; 18/07 Sarchu – Keylong; 19/07 Keylong – Kaza; 20/07 Kaza; 21/07 Kaza – Tabo; 22/07 Tabo – Nako; 23/07 Nako – Kalpa; 24/07 Kalpa – Sangla; 25/07 Sangla – Shimla; 26/07 Shimla – Delhi and return flight.

STUPA Onlus uses the Tour Operator Amitaba to organise bookings.

Booking requests must be submitted to Amitaba, an Italian Tour Operator based in Milan, which is also charged with receiving payments. Bookings require a deposit of 30% (€ 195), with the full payment (€ 455 + € 30 insurance fee if applicable) being made by 31/05/2014. For delegates leaving from Italy, Amitaba can make international bookings, and can reserve all flights from Delhi and Leh (it can also do this for people coming from other parts of the world).

Amitaba can provide any additional service not indicated in the programme, in Delhi and India in general, the Himalayan region included, which will be listed separately. Amitaba is based at: Piazza Aquileia 8, 20144 Milan, Italy; tel. + 39 02 33614196,

Email address: amitaba@amitaba.net – www.amitaba.net

BANK ADDRESS Amitaba srl

IBAN Cod: IT 57 Q 01030 01630 000010086738
BBAN Cod: Q 01030 01630 000010086738 Cod. Swift: PASCITM1055
TOTAL COST € 650,00 (Flights not included)
FULL BOARD IN LEH (12 nights)
This includes the cost of transfers from and to Leh airport and the excursion to Shey and
Thikse, accommodation in a double or triple room, full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner),
including packed lunches when necessary.
A travel insurance policy is obligatory and is added, at a cost of € 30 for Italians; delegates of other
nationalities are advised to take out travel insurance in their home country.

The additional cost for a single room is € 300 (€ 650+€ 300= € 950) (there are only six single
Drinks, personal hotel services and tips are not included in the price.
A visa for India must be obtained before the outward journey. The price of the trip is calculated on
the basis of the exchange rate of the rupee on 12/11/2013 (85.281).
The price does not include flights.
Based on personal requirements it is possible to arrive in Leh several days earlier and request
a booking in the same hotel (The Nature Residency Hotel):
single room, full board: € 75 per day
double/triple room, full board: € 50 per person per day

For those who only attend the two-day meeting (15-16 July) on request we will find Please note: For those who are able, you can bring warm and winter clothing or school stationary to donate. These items will be collected to be given to the most needy, usually at the end of the trip. It is also possible to leave behind any items which have been used and which you do not wish to


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