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Visit to Ramechap Dhuramba village

Here news from Tenzin – NEPAL: Our trip to the village of Ramechap Dhuramba has been very successful … we arrived after many hours of travel. The condition of the road is horrible and frightening. For the people there is vbery diffucult to get food and shelter from the monsoon. They were very happy to […]

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Visit to Rakhathum village

Yesterday I went to visit a village 90 km away from Kathmandu. it’s a village called Rakhathum in the district of Ramechap… The people there are of a very low caste society… Living conditions in the village are quite precarious. They are mostly fishermen. Their only source of income is fishing … Their land is […]

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Meeting Stupa Onlus

Dear Friends, we are gathered to €uro 21,758 to help NEPAL people. Thank you very much. We are delivering 255 tents to same villages near Kathmandu. Their needs are still much more … We continue the fundraising for NEPAL by and any help is very important. Here a brief appeal of the President of […]

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Project 200 Portal Shelter

Dear Friends, Here today the news today from NEPAL, from our contact person for the HUMANITARIAN AID. “Today I went to check these SHELTERS and they are wonderful… I think these shelters are more beneficial than tents because people can use these material in the future…since it is studier. and more long lasting.. So our […]

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Blessing Shey Stupa

This is a very important and rare beauty Stupa. This is a Stupa which has 1000 doors; it was made to bring peace in fact Shey is a very holy (sacred) place and many religions pass through there. History teaches us that usually in these are contrast points because of different ideas, different religions and […]

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